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About Chamois

Genuine Chamois leather is the least abrasive drying material for any car surface. With today's new softer car finishes, this is now more critical than ever. A premium Chamois leather used correctly will leave your car with a professional, streak free finish and will not remove your wax as some microfibre cloths do. Chamois Leather remains the original and best option for dying your car!

Genuine Chamois leather is made from the flesh split of a sheep skin and is tanned using natural marine oils. This gives it its unique soft feel and super absorbent properties. DERI2000 Chamois Leather is manufactured from the finest New Zealand and European sheepskins and is proven to absorb up to 6x its weight in water.

We never use inferior goat skins; goat-skin tanning is popular with some tanners but results in an inferior product that is simply not genuine Chamois.

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