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About Chamois Production

Chamois Leather Production diagram  
After purchasing the sheepskins from New Zealand and Europe they are then split, separating the grain layer from the portion to become Chamois.
Tanning: The sheepskins are tanned in huge drums over a period of 36 hours. Cod oil is added to the drums with the skins, and it is the oxidation of the cod oil into the skin under controlled heat and humidity that creates Chamois. Only premium sheepskins are used tanned in 100% cod oil.
Buffing/Wheeling: The Chamois is dry cleaned to remove any excess cod oil, before proceeding to DERI2000's finishing department. Here the Chamois is buffed on both sides. Imparting an industry leading consistency and that soft supple feel of true Chamois.
Trimming: Every Chamois is expertly trimmed. Any ragged edges created by tumbling the skin in the tanning drums are removed. The "finished" Chamois is now soft and neatly trimmed and is electronically sized using the industries most advanced and accurate equipment.
Sizing & Packaging: Check your Chamois sizes to ensure that you are getting the size you bought. Each of our Chamois leathers are electronically sized, twice, before being packed. Packaging is printed to order and the packing department packs to client boxing and shipping.....