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Chamois Leather Products

Area Cut Chamois

Regular Cut or Area Cut:

  • This is a natural cut
  • It does not have a uniform shape
  • Regular cuts are sold tipically in the USA and the UK
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French Cut

French Cut:

  • Is rectangular with curved edges at the top
  • French Cut is the more expensive option due to the material wasted to create the uniform shape. French Cuts are sold typically in France, Germany and across Europe
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Full Skins

Full Skins:

  • Trimmed full skins offer a large professional option
  • In sizes from 4.5 sq ft upwards
  • Full skins are popular in all countries, the larger sizes (over 6.0 sq ft) are most popular in America.
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Chamois Patchwork Cloth

Chamois Patchwork Cloth:

  • Sewn Chamois squares
  • Available in two sizes
Chamois Ring Mop

Chamois Ring Mop:

  • Alternative option for car windscreens
Chamois Demister Pad

Chamois Demister Pad:

  • Very popular product
  • Used to wipe condensation from a car's windscreen
  • Used dry for computer screens
Chamois Mitt

Chamois Mitt:

  • Used as a glove for drying

Trade Sales :

  • Unwheeled and untrimmed crust Chamois is available for specialist finishers